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o  DIVE   into the world of our ancestors
o  DISCOVER   how people have lived over different periods
o  FOLLOW   people's development from "Stone-Age-Man" up to modern society


This museum documents the impressive life of humankind over different periods. With more than 6,000 archaeological findings and folkloristic exhibits, you can discover step by step development from prehistoric man, who lived from hunting and collecting eatable things, up to modern civilization.
The first part of the museum is dedicated to the prehistory of man and to the first settlements. The following part covers self-sufficiency, a way of life that has accompanied man for millions of years. Agriculture, weaving, wine-growing and fruit-growing are the main topics. In the last area of the museum you can see the development of professions, the industrial archeology, the industrial revolution and the changes in everyday life which have introduced the modern society.       New exhibition 2018 >>  
An educational guide, experiments and multimedial animation make the objects "live" and take you into the past.
One of the most important parts of the museum is dedicated to weaving: linen, hemp, wool and silk; their processing is very impressive and their history has been very important for people over the ages. An extensive number of objects show you the processing of raw materials and the production of textiles from prehistory up to the 1950s.
This museum opened in 1976, was reconcepted in 2006 and was totally restructured in 2012.



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