. . . from Stone Age to the modern time . . .
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     [ 1 ] Prehistoric man
...how people lived in South Tyrol...
...what tools they used for hunting and for everyday tasks...
A huge number of archaeological findings bear witness to the different activities of  prehistoric man.
      [ 2 ] Settlements and the beginning of agriculture
... why people began to settle down...
...when land began to be cultivated and when animals and their by-products began to be used...
(on the photo you can see clay vessels from the Bronze-Age).

     [ 3 ] Self-sufficiency
...why people have lived for million of years in self-sufficiency, meaning they made everything for themselves,  from ploughing fields to the production of textiles....
The following areas are dealt with in the museum in the self-sufficiency section:
o agriculture I cultivation of grain
o weaving - linen I hemp I wool I silk
o working in wood
o wine-growing
o fruit-growing
o beekeeping and fish-farming
o special collection - deity I witchs I saints
   [ 4 ] The development of professions - the introduction of modern society
The origins of the professions go back to the Stone-Age. But how did the different professions develop? What brought about the beginning of modern society?
In the museum you can see the development of the different handcraft-professions.
You can enter in real handcraft-workshops from different periods and you can see working machines. The last section of the museum is dedicated to modern society.

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